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Palsgaard Founded in 1919, and with 500 employees globally Palsgaard is a strong name in the food industry. With its invention of the industrial emulsifier, the company changed the game of large-scale food production and is still at the very forefront of development and research in this field. A more recent and dedicated effort in the development of polymer additives from the same food ingredient chemistry has established a product portfolio of highly efficient and unquestionably safe functional additives for a range of different polymer applications. The primary focus of which, is antistat, antifog, mould release and lubrication properties and pigment dispersion in food contact packaging materials. Palsgaard polymer additives are sold under the brand name of Einar®. It is a portfolio of products based on sustainable vegetable oils and they all have worldwide approval for food contact use. Dedicated development center Palsgaard has a dedicated team of engineers and technicians with decades of experience in polymer additive development and customer technical support. Modern lab facilities ensures that we are able to run development projects and turn out new additive solutions and concepts for the industry on a regular basis. Our lab facilities is a very important resource in our efforts to always help customers find the best possible solutions for their packaging applications. Global production setup Palsgaard operates five production facilities – in Denmark, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil and Malaysia. The production in Denmark was made 100% CO2 neutral in 2015, followed by Mexico in 2016 and the Netherlands in 2017 as it is Palsgaard’s express intention to turn all production facilities into zero-emission production sites by the year 2020.